Vicks Cool Mist Humidifier V3100 User Manual

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Disinfecting the Water Tray and Tank


Fill tank with 1 teaspoon of household bleach in 1 gallon of water. Let stand twenty (20)
minutes, shaking vigorously every few minutes, drain and rinse with clean water until the
bleach smell is gone. Dry with a clean cloth or paper towel.


Wipe the Water Tray with a soft cloth dampened in the bleach and water solution. Rinse
the Water Tray thoroughly or place in dishwasher before proceeding.


Wipe all exterior surfaces of the Base with a soft, dry cloth. Do not immerse the Base in
water or use water to clean the base. An electric shock may result or the humidifier may
be damaged.

CAUTION: Do not wash the Wicking Filter since this could damage the wick.

End of Season Maintenance


Follow above weekly cleaning procedure at the end of the humidification season, or when
the humidifier will not be used for several days, being sure to dry all parts. Allow the Water
Tank to air dry before storing. Do not store with water inside.


Leave Tank Cap partially loosened during storage to prevent Tank Cap and Gasket from
sticking together. This will prolong the life of the gasket.


At the end of season, remove and throw away the Wicking Filter. Never leave a used filter
in the humidifier during storage.


Store in a cool dry location.


Order your new Kaz Replacement WF2 Wicking Filter now, so that it will be available for
use next season.

Wicking Filter Maintenance

Wicking Filter performance will diminish depending on the mineral content of the water and
the amount of airborne dust in the environment.

IMPORTANT: CHECK WICKING FILTER REGULARLY. Any of the following conditions indicate
that it is time to replace the Wicking Filter.

A buildup of impurities and minerals on the Wicking Filter (evidenced by discoloration of
the Wicking Filter)

An appreciable decrease in Humidifier output — the humidifier will run for increasingly
longer periods between fillings

The top of the Wicking Filter is not moist to the touch

The Wicking Filter has large holes or tears

The Wicking Filter should be replaced at least one or two times during the season, depending
on usage, mineral content of the water and the environment. We encourage you to only use a
Kaz Model WF2 Replacement Wicking Filter. The use of other Wicking Filters may lead to
substandard performance.

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