Troubleshooting – Vicks Cool Mist Humidifier V3100 User Manual

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If your Humidifier is not working properly, refer to the following:

If the unit does not operate:

Check that polarized plug is fully inserted into wall outlet.

Check airflow. Are there any obstructions preventing airflow?

The motor contains a temperature-limiting fuse. If the motor overheats, the fuse will trip
and shut off the motor. If you suspect this may be the case, unplug the unit and contact
our Consumer Service Department. Do not attempt to repair the motor yourself.

If the unit does not produce enough humidity:

The moisture output from an evaporative humidifier is invisible. It is operating properly if
the water level in the tank goes down during usage, even when you cannot see the vapor.

Check the Wicking Filter. Replace the Wicking Filter if it is clogged, torn or discolored.

Check the water level. Refilling may be required.

If the unit is working properly, it may not be large enough for the room. You may need to
run an additional humidifier for desired results.

If the unit produces too much humidity:

If room air is excessively humid (greater than 50% relative humidity), do not use the
humidifier. Excessive humidity is indicated by condensation on cold surfaces or walls in
the room. For proper humidity readings, use a hygrometer available in most hardware
and department stores.

If water leakage occurs:

Check to be sure the tank cap is tightened properly.

Check the tank for leaks and replace if necessary.

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