Verilux CLEANWAVE UV-C User Manual

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We appreciate you purchasing the CleanWave™ UV-C Sanitizing
Sweeper. Before using this product, please study this manual carefully to
avoid any damage to the product or to you.

• Before using, please make sure the Sweeper is securely assembled.

• The Sweeper is not intended for use by children under 8 years of age.

• Do not use fl ammable or combustible liquids to clean the sweeper.

• The Sweeper contains a rechargeable 4.8v Ni-MH battery. Please be

sure to fully charge the battery for 12 hours prior to initial use and do
not leave on charger for longer than 24 hours. Old batteries should be
disposed of properly and never incinerated.

• Do not use the Sweeper to clean any burning or heated materials

such as cigarettes, matches, ash or any fl ammable liquids, such as
gasoline. Use on dry surfaces only.

• Keep fi ngers, hair, all other body parts and clothes away from rotating

cleaning brushes.

• Do not use wet hands to touch battery or battery parts directly.

• Do not use the sweeper to clean shag carpet, wet fl oors or rough

stone or concrete surfaces. The Sweeper should be used on hard
surfaces only.

• Before cleaning the dust from the dust bin, turn off the power.

• The Sweeper employs a powerful UV-C light source to kill household

germs. The Sweeper should never be turned over when turned on and
the light allowed to shine in eyes or on exposed skin.