3assembly instructions – Verilux CLEANWAVE UV-C User Manual

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Before assembling, please review all instructions.

1. Carefully remove all parts from the box and make sure all parts listed on

the spare parts illustration are included. If any parts are missing, please
contact Verilux at 1-888-544-4865.

2. Assemble 3 shaft sections (A) according to the illustration and make sure

sections are joined together securely.

NOTE: The middle shaft section can be taken out when using Sweeper on
stairs or on upholstery

3. Remove Part B from the handle assembly by pulling it apart (photo 1). Fully

insert knurled end of shaft into handle assembly (photo 2). Slide Part B over
shaft, line up arrows on part B and handle assembly (photo 3), and push
together against handle assembly to lock shaft to the handle.

4. Your Sweeper was shipped with the “smart” battery disconnected from the

Sweeper. Prior to charging the battery, turn the Sweeper upside down, slide
the battery compartment door toward the rear of the Sweeper (see arrow on
cover door), insert the male connection of the battery wire into the female
connection of the Sweeper.

5. To charge the battery, plug included AC

Adapter/Battery Charger into the charger
socket on the side of the base of the Sweeper
and charge initially for 12 hours before using.
When charged, carefully remove the battery
charger cable prior to using. Never leave the
charger connected for longer than 24 hours at
a time.

6. Turn on power switch and begin to use

on proper surfaces.