Velocity Micro SPK-VELO-001 User Manual

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2. Press On/Off button and turn the speakers ON. The POWER LED will light up in

Blue. Switch off the speakers by pressing the ON/OFF button on the speakers or

on the remote control unit, and the LED will be off.

3. To suit the needs of different users, these speakers are designed for wall

mounting. There are two holes at the back of each speaker for you to hang them

on the wall.


1. Remove the battery cover at the rear of the remote control unit and insert 2

“AAA” size batteries (not included) into the battery compartment with the correct


2. Place back the cover and close the battery compartment.



1. Turn on the audio source (TV or audio component) to which the transmitter is

connected with. The blue signal LED on the transmitter will light up.

2. Select the channel 1 or 2 of the transmitter for best performance in your location.

3. Turn on the ON/OFF button on the speakers (the ON/OFF button on the remote

control unit cannot be used as a primary device to switch on the speakers).

Press the “AUTO TUNE” button to get the best tuning reception in the speakers.

When the button is pressed, frequency tuning starts automatically and it stops

when a signal is detected. Tuning process can also be activated by pressing the

“AUTO TUNE” button on the remote control unit.

4. Volume can be adjusted up by pressing “+” button or

down by pressing the button “-“ to the desired listening

level, or you can press the “+” button or “-“ button” on

the remote control unit to adjust the volume level.


a) Keep the speakers up to 7 meters apart from the

transmitter, and then press “AUTO TUNE” button for the best reception.

b) Whenever you find frequency jam, move your channel switch from one

channel to the other channel (there are two channels for selection) on the

transmitter, and then press the “AUTO-TUNE” button again.