Verilux VF03 User Manual

Page 6

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8. Attach the ballast to the power

cord. Use care to align the 4-pin
plug properly. DO NOT FORCE
– the 4-pin plug was designed to
fi t in only one orientation. (Fig. 3)

Fig. 3

9. Plug ballast into a standard 120V 50/60Hz

outlet. Turn lamp on. The green LED indicator
on center of the ballast should be illuminated.
(Fig. 4) If the LED indicator does not illuminate,
please refer to the troubleshooting section of
this manual. (See page 9)

10. If bulb does not illuminate instantly, please

refer to the troubleshooting section of this

11. Adjust lamp brightness to the desired level


WARNING: Do not block vents on ballast. Vents
are necessary for proper function of the ballast;
blocking them may cause overheating of the
ballast and increase risk of fi re.

Fig. 4


Note: Do not
touch material

7. Attaching the Optix


glare control

fi lter:

• Remove glare control fi lter from

protective plastic bag. Take care
to hold fi lter by the edges only.

• Insert tabs on bottom of fi lter

into opening. (Fig. 2)

• Press into place using

thumb tab.
Do not touch or press
on the fi lter material itself.

Fig. 2