9troubleshooting – Verilux VF03 User Manual

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Your Verilux


desk lamp uses advanced micro-electronics to power

the revolutionary Trucolite™ bulb. These electronics are housed in a
specially designed ballast located at the power plug. The LED indicator
light on the ballast allows you to troubleshoot any problems with the
lamp’s function. When replacing your Verilux


ballast, take care to plug

in the power cord properly. The 4-pin plug was designed to fi t in only
one orientation (See Assembly Instructions on page 5).

• Make sure all power connectors, cords, and plugs are inserted fully

and securely.

• Be sure the bulb is securely seated into the socket. (See page 8).

• Unplug the lamp for a few minutes (this allows the electronics in the

ballast to reset).

• Make sure there is power to the wall outlet or try another outlet.

WARNING: Do not block vents on ballast. Vents are necessary for
proper function of the ballast; blocking them may cause overheating of
the ballast and increase risk of fi re.