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XGC-1 Xtreme Greenhouse Controller


The XGC-1 Xtreme greenhouse controller from C.A.P. controls all of the main devices that
are used in today’s modern hydroponic garden. The built-in Fuzzy Logic

controls your



level with unmatched accuracy.


Before attempting to operate the XGC, you should at least take the time to look
at the Example Connection diagram on page 2 and read the “Start-up
Procedure on page 3 of this manual. To get the most out of the XGC-1,
familiarize yourself with this manual. It contains many useful hints, examples
and a troubleshooting guide.


The XGC is designed to operate from a 120vac, 15-amp power source. It can safely control up to 15-amps of equipment
including up to 1000 watts of HID lights. If required, additional lights and larger equipment can be connected to the XGC-1 by
using our HPR, MLCs or UPM “Universal Power Modules”.
In addition to lights, the XGC also maintains the temperature and humidity by controlling your exhaust fan(s). CO


levels can

be controlled with the built-in timers, which are coordinated with your exhaust fans and function only when the lights are ON.


The XGC is overload protected a main 15-amp fuse. Do not exceed the maximum rating of the XGC-1.
IMPORTANT: Replace blown fuses with fuses of the same rating ONLY!
Note: A surge suppressor / power strip is always recommended when operating electrical equipment such as the XGC.


The XGC is protected by our 3-year limited warranty. All components are warranted by R & M Supply against defects in
workmanship and materials under normal use for 3-years from the date of purchase. The XGC is 100% maintenance-free and
does not require service.


There are a few requirements for a successful installation and start-up.
1) The XGC must be mounted in a vertical position. Mounting feet are included to allow you to secure the unit to a wall.
2) The XGC requires “free air movement” to maintain temperature and humidity accuracy. The top and bottom of the

enclosure has ventilation slots to provide airflow through the unit however, we greatly recommended using an oscillating
fan in the growing area to provide fresh air for the internal humidity sensor and provide adequate ventilation for the
internal electrical components.

3) A dedicated 120 VAC, 15-amp power supply is recommended. A ground wire (3-wire outlet) must be used.

Do not use 2-wire adapters or cords to operate the XGC.

4) The XGC must be protected from water. Do not mount the unit where it can be exposed directly to water.

5) Read the rest of the manual!!! It has been designed to take you through step-by-step to make start-up a breeze.

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