Taking care of your sound system – XM Satellite Radio XMBB1 User Manual

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Taking Care of Your Sound System


Do not place the Sound System or XM radio near heat sources or in direct sunlight. Do not
place the Sound System on an inclined or unstable surface, in areas of excessive dust, or
areas prone to mechanical shock. Do not block the speakers or ventilation ports.

Because the speakers contain powerful magnets, keep credit cards, mechanical watches,
and other devices that might be affected away from the Sound System.


DANGER! Unplug the AC power adapter and/or remove the batteries during

the cleaning to avoid any electrical shock hazard.

Clean the hard surfaces of the Sound System with a soft cloth slightly moistened with a
mild detergent solution.

Clean the soft surfaces of the speakers with a dry lint brush.

Do not use any type of abrasive pad, scouring powder, or solvent, such as alcohol or