Troubleshooting, If this happens try this – XM Satellite Radio XMBB1 User Manual

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My XM radio is not receiving a signal.

Use the “antenna aiming” feature on the XM

radio and move the antenna to another location.

My XM radio will not turn on.

Check whether the power cord is plugged into

the wall.

Ensure batteries are fresh and inserted

If applicable, make sure Auto-ON is enabled.

I only receive XM channels 0 and 1.

Make sure your radio is activated. Contact XM

at or 1-800-XM-RADIO.

The radio and Sound System are on and

receiving a signal but I can’t hear anything.

Remove the radio from the Sound System and

re-insert it, then turn the power on.
Unplug any headphones.
Check the volume control.
Make sure “MUTE” is not set on the remote if used.

I hear noise or interference.

Move away from any cordless telephones or

electrical appliances or other devices that may

cause interference.

My remote doesn’t work.

Make sure that the IR sensors are not ob


It may be time to replace the battery in the


If this happens

Try this

If the power LED is blinking change the