Zipper Mowers Thunder-Max 309-365 User Manual

Installation / setup guide

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309-365 Installation / Setup Guide V2009.04.23


Part # 309-365 for Sportster® Models

Thank you for purchasing a ThunderMax ECM!
Please read through the following instructions before
beginning the installation procedure. Following these
instructions will ensure that the ECM is installed and
setup properly for optimal results. If you have any
problems or questions, please refer to the SmartLink
Tuning .pdf Manual, included on the CD (Help Menu)
with this package.

Step 1

Inse the SmartLink

CD into your computer.

SmartLink will automatically
open the InstallShield
Wizard when the computer
finds the CD-Rom. Follow
the instructions and install
the software on your
computer. If you do not have a serial port on your
computer for the communication cable, you will need to
use a USB to Serial converter (an inexpensive converter
is available from Zipper’s, #372-000). Install the included
driver disc at this time; follow the instructions given by
the manufacturer of the converter for installation.

Install the Thunde


rMax and AutoTune modules.

Step 2

Due to the mounting location and space constraints on
the Sportster® for the ECM, your ThunderMax system is
supplied with a separate AutoTune module. The
ThunderMax ECM mounts in the same location as the
factory ECM under the seat; the AutoTune module must
be mounted separately.


Step 2a

the seat. Open the
left side frame
cover (opposite the
oil tank) to expose
the fuse panel.

Locate and remove
fuse labeled “ECM
POWER” (top left
fuse; sticker with
fuse identification is
located on the inside of the frame cover).

Step 2b

Unplug and remove the factory ECM from the

motorcycle (located on top of the rear fender under the
seat). Plug in and install the ThunderMax ECM in the
same location over the locating pins shown.

Step 2c

Install the AutoTune module. Mount the

AutoTune module to the frame backbone using supplied
wire ties (right side view below). Position housing so
wires exit to the left as shown below.

Installation / Setup Guide

Please Note: This product is Legal in California

only for racing vehicles which may never be used

upon a highway.

The user shall determine suitability of the

product for his or her use. Installation and use on a pollution-

controlled vehicle constitutes tampering under the U.S. EPA

guidelines and can lead to substantial fines. Review your

application and check your local laws before installing.