Zipper Mowers Thunder-Max 309-365 User Manual

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309-365 Installation / Setup Guide V2009.04.23


volume at all points by creating learned “offset” points
from the installed ‘base map’ fuel points. The ‘static’
base map is dynamically used by the ThunderMax
module and the AutoTune’s active (closed loop)
feedback system. This system optimizes the fuel points
to fit the target air/fuel ratio through ‘learned offset
points’. These ‘learned offset points’ are stored within
the ThunderMax and are used in conjunction with the
base map. The ‘base map’ fuel points are not being
adjusted by either the AutoTune or ThunderMax

If AutoTune Closed Loop Processing is un-checked, fuel
points will be adjusted to the last learned offset points, or
if no learning has occurred, to the original base map
points. Stored offset points remain within the module; in
the event that power is interrupted for any reason, the
learned offset points remain until re-learned or cleared
under the

[Map Editing] toolbar menu.

Air Fuel Ratio Override (Module) – A single Target
AFR setting can be applied using this command.

Clicking this box and changing this number overrides
ALL ‘Air/Fuel Ratio vs. TPS’ pages at all RPM’s. To
target specific Air/Fuel Ratio RPM ranges and throttle
positions, leave this box unchecked and edit the
individual ‘Air/Fuel-TPS @ RPM’ map pages located
under the

[Tuning Maps] tree. Individual Air/Fuel

targets are pre-set within the base map to provide a
good balance between power and economy. Individual
cell throttle position/rpm AFR targets can be viewed and
adjusted on these pages. Use the left/right arrow keys
to navigate the individual blocks (strike the spacebar to
view the values); use the up/down arrow keys to adjust
the values. Click the

[Monitor] button when linked live

and a vertical bar will show the actual throttle position.
See the SmartLink manual for further tuning instructions.

Idle Air Control Override (Module) - Check [OFF].
This setting should not be checked on except for
diagnosing a particular type of supported problem or
during tuning on a load cell dyno. Changing this setting
will lead to starting and idling problems.

Maximum CLP Offset (Module)[Session (Module)]
button sets the AFR maximum learning correction from
the base map’s fuel setting per session by percentage
(range is 0-10%). A ‘session’ is defined as the period of
time from engine on to engine off (per cycle).

[Maximum (Module)] button sets the total AFR
maximum learning correction from the base map’s fuel
setting by percentage (regardless of number of sessions;
range is 0-25%). Unless your application is a
considerable mismatch to the installed base map, the
default settings of 5 and 20 percent are sufficient for
most AFR corrections.

You should always pick the best possible map match
during the selection of your base map. The theory
behind this is to reduce the range and time the closed
loop system needs to learn offsets (corrections) for the
target AFR. If your map selection is a poor match to the
application, the amount of learning needed will be
significant. Review the parameters of your base map vs.
available base maps under ‘Base Maps Listing’ to
ensure you have the best map match and the latest
version of the map.