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6 | InCharge FM User’s Guide

Getting Started

Step 1 - Tune your FM stereo

Locate a frequency that has only static – no talk or music. If you

can’t find a frequency with only static, tune to one that has the

most amount of static and the least amount of talk or music.

Step 2 – Connect InCharge FM to your iPod

Make sure the USB end of the cable is plugged tightly into the car

charger base. Then plug the car charger into your car’s 12V

accessory/cigarette lighter outlet. A blue power indicator will

illuminate on the base indicating a proper connection. Next,

attach the dock connector to your iPhone or iPod.

Step 3 – Tune InCharge FM

Once you connect InCharge FM to your iPod, the unit will activate

and display a digital FM frequency. Use the buttons on the face of

the unit to tune to the same frequency as the one on your FM

stereo. The bottom button tunes down the frequency and the top

button tunes up the frequency. Once the frequency on InCharge

FM matches the one on your car stereo, press play on your iPhone

or iPod and the unit will begin transmitting your music through

your car stereo. Please note that while driving your selected

frequency may fade or experience interference. If the signal

becomes poor or the sound quality drops you should tune to a

different frequency on your FM radio and repeat this step.

Step 4 – Programming and Using Preset Stations

Your InCharge FM offers two preset options for the FM

frequencies that you use most often. To set, tune InCharge FM to

the frequency you wish to select. Hold down either the one dot

button or two dot button on the side of the unit until the

displayed frequency begins to blink and then release. Repeat for

your second preset option. When finished, simply press the

button for the preset you would like to use.