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Additional Features

Play/Pause/Next Track Button

InCharge FM includes this convenient button to play/pause the

iPod or advance to the next track without having to access the

touch screen. Press this button once to play/pause your music or

press twice to advance to the next song.

Stereo and Mono Modes

InCharge FM allows you to choose between stereo (LX) and mono

(DX) modes to ensure the clearest signal. Mono produces a

stronger signal and is perfect for using in markets with a

crowded FM dial or while listening to audio books. To switch

between modes, simply slide the switch on the side of the unit.

Trouble Shooting Tips


Check InCharge Connections

Connect the USB end of the cable into the base and press the

base firmly into the 12V accessory outlet.

Check iPod connection

Connect the dock connector end of the cable to the iPod.


Check FM station

Tune your radio to a frequency that has the most amount of

static and the least amount of talking or music. Tune the display

on InCharge to the same frequency.

Check radio volume

Adjust the volume on the stereo, not on the iPod.