Zhumell Rangefinder RF645 User Manual


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Thank you for your purchase of the Bronica RF645 medium format rangefinder camera.
Incorporating the best of Bronica's know-how and technological expertise, the Bronica
RF645 achieves a new dimension in compactness as the world's first medium format 6 x 4.5
rangefinder camera to feature interchangeable lenses, and comes with a superb line up of
lenses to take full advantage of the rangefinder camera. The RF645 employs manual film
advance lever and dual-image superimposing rangefinder focusing for maximum user con-
trol where it counts, while enhancing handling ease with Program AE, automatic shutter
cocking via a motor designed for the maximum enjoyment of photography in mind.
The features and handling procedures described in this owner's manual are based on use of
the Bronica RF645 in combination with the Zenzanon RF65mm f/4 standard lens. To obtain
best results from your new camera, please read this instruction manual carefully before use.
With proper care and handling, the unit will continue to provide pleasure and performance
for many years to come.