Xantech YiAK-K1000-01A User Manual

Kp 1, In-wall keypad, Power for the digital revolution

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KP 1

In-Wall Keypad

Power for the Digital Revolution

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Part No. YiAK-K1000-01A


Congratulations! As the owner of a KP 1 in-wall keypad, you own an
accessory that adds convenience and versatility to your home audio system
by providing independent control in each room or zone powered by a
Harman Kardon PA 4000 multichannel power amplifier. The elegant, three-
button design offers power on/off and volume control and is prewired to
accept an optional infrared (IR) sensor to allow remote control of virtually any
device equipped with a remote IR input.
The KP 1 uses an optional Decora


-style cover plate for coordination with

other wall-mounted switches. The KP 1 does not require an external power
supply, as all needed power is provided through the connection to the
PA 4000.
In order to fully enjoy the benefits of remote keypad control, please take a
few minutes to read this owner’s guide. It contains important information that
will guide you step by step through the correct and safe installation of your
keypad. If you do not have experience installing in-wall electrical and
telecommunications components, we recommend that you have the KP 1
installed by a properly trained professional.
If you have any questions about this product, its installation or its operation,
please contact your retailer or custom installer. They are your best source of
product information.


Elegant, Three-Button Design

Up to Four KP 1 Keypads May Be Attached to the PA 4000 for
Independent Control of Separate Rooms and Zones

Accepts Optional IR Sensor That Transmits Commands to Most
Remote-Controllable Products Through a PA 4000

Designed for Use With Optional Decora-Style Wall-Plate That
Blends in With Other In-Wall Electrical Components

Mounts in Standard Electrical Junction Box or With Plaster Ring

RJ-45 Connector Offers Easy Installation With PA 4000 Amplifier

3-Pin Eurostyle Connector for Optional IR Sensor

Typographical Conventions
In order to help you use this guide with the front panel controls and rear panel connec-
tions for both the KP 1 and PA 4000, certain conventions have been used.

Example – indicates a specific front panel button or rear panel connection jack
1 – indicates a KP 1 front panel control or feature
¡ – indicates a KP 1 rear panel connection or feature
a – indicates a PA 4000 rear panel connection or switch