Yamaha yfm 350 User Manual

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NOTE: Modification of the stock thumb
throttle housing will be required in order to
achieve wide open throttle. Figures 4 and 5
will show the mods.

Figure 4.

Mod number one is to remove material on
the outside throttle stop that limits the thumb
lever travel. This may be sufficient to
achieve wide-open throttle.

Figure 5.

The second mod will only be required if the
gold colored cable lever hits the housing
before opening carb wide open. Use a
dremmel tool or similar to remove material
from corner of throttle housing to allow lever
to move further.

Once throttle housing has been properly
modified and thoroughly cleaned, place and
secure back onto handle bar.

1. Thread new throttle cable into housing and

insert cable end into throttle lever.

2. Install cable into cable wheel on carburetor

in the 4:00 position and secure cable into
lower slot on cable bracket by replacing end
piece and Phillips screw. See figure 6.

Figure 6.

Carburetor installation

1. Remove the hex pipe plug from the carb cap

using a 11mm or 7/16 wrench. Do not
discard plug, as it will be needed later.

Install the metering adjustment tool included
in the hardware kit. Do not over-tighten as
damage may occur to cap.

3. Attach fuel line to carburetor and secure with


4. Place carburetor into manifold and air boot.

Tighten clamps with carb sitting as close to
vertical as possible.

Install remote idle cable into threaded tab on

top cable bracket. See figure 7. Refer to
main instruction manual for proper
installation and adjustment. Adjust cable
until wide-open throttle is achieved.

Figure 7.