Yamaha yfm 350 User Manual

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Adjust throttle cable to take up the slack.

Note: When throttle cables are properly
adjusted, there should be approx. 1/8” of
free play in the throttle.

7. After throttle cables have been adjusted the

handle bars should be rotated from full right
stop to full left stop while opening and
closing throttle to ensure smooth operation.
Also check to make sure the cables do not
catch or bind on anything, i.e., hand guards,

8. Install fuel tank and connect fuel line to

petcock and secure with provided pinch
clamp. Refer to figure 1. Do not bolt tank in
place, as minor adjustments may be

9. Turn fuel petcock to “on” and check for


10. Open throttle 3-5 times to prime accelerator

pump. Do not open throttle any more than
5 times as this may flood engine!!

11. Once pump is primed, If Motor will not fire

open idle cable ½ turn and repeat starting

NOTE: If flooding occurs, slowly open
throttle to wide open and hold. With
throttle still open engage starter until
engine fires.

For any questions regarding tuning or
installation of Edelbrock products, please
call our toll free tech line M-F 8:00am-12:
30pm, 1:30pm-5:00pm PST.
877-888-7504 ext.2.

Edelbrock #3011 and #3150 Warrior

Carburetor Specifications

Bore Size: 36mm Tall X 32mm Wide

Needle: 18E @ 12 Clicks

Accelerator Pump Bypass: 2.5 turns out

Alternate Needles: 16E, 20E

Replacement Cable