Environmental friendly, Newly developed asic for high quality documents – 2nd Ave. bizhub C35 User Manual

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* Optional Desk (DK-P01) is

required for floor set-up

bizhub C35

Smaller Footprint


The C35’s small footprint conserves
office floor space*.

Environmental Friendly

To lessen the burden on the environment, bizhub C35 uses Simitri HD toner with biomass*, an
advanced version of Simitri toner with biomass* which Konica Minolta has been producing since
2000 using plant-based resources. In addition, Konica Minolta has newly developed an ozone-free
charge roller, reduced the number of parts, and utilised recycled materials. Furthermore, by reducing
energy consumption and clearing the new international standard values set by the Energy Star
program (Tier 2), the C35 offers both ecology and economy through reduced CO



*: Biomass is a renewable organic resource made up of biological materials and excludes fossil fuels.

Large 4.3-inch full colour LCD touch-screen display

Newly developed ASIC for high quality documents

Equipped with a new ASIC (application-specific integrated circuit)
which offers the latest image processing algorithms, the bizhub
C35 inherits the image enhancement technologies proven on
Konica Minolta’s A3 MFPs. This represents our ongoing pursuit to
provide beautiful business documents and reproduction of
characters. In addition, the C35’s printer controller is equipped with
Konica Minolta’s genuine Emperon Print System, which includes
PS mode and PCL mode, providing high level outputs that are
consistently on par with our higher-end machines.

Universal Printer Driver can be shared with other devices

bizhub C35 is supported by Konica Minolta’s state-of-the-art
Universal Printer Driver (UPD) allowing it to be shared with other
Konica Minolta MFPs and printers from a single interface. With the
UPD, you can even print from your laptop PC while away on
business at a branch office, or in an office with multiple bizhubs
without having to access a new driver. Furthermore, the UPD’s
basic functions are compatible
with a variety of third-party
networked MFPs and printers, to
minimise the hassle of changing
drivers for each brand.

* The UPD must be downloaded

from the Konica Minolta website
(free of charge).

* Applicable functions with the UPD

will vary according to device.


charge roller

Outstanding productivity comparable with our
high-end machines

Whether in colour or black & white, the C35 offers high-speed
outputs of 30 pages per minute. It also provides 100%



for duplex printing. The C35’s multi-access feature allows
simultaneous scanning and printing for increased efficiency.
Furthermore, the 1,350-sheet


large-capacity paper supply reduces

the downtime needed for paper replacements, and the standard


paper cassette accommodates a large variety of paper

weights, even for duplex printing projects.


Excludes mixed colour and black & white documents.


1,350 sheets max., when using two optional PF-P08 paper cassettes.

Enhanced integration with high-end bizhub
series machines

In addition to centralised management made possible with
PageScope Enterprise Suite software, a variety of user
authentication systems including IC card authentication*,
external-server authentication and MFP authentication are also
available to the bizhub C35. Moreover, numerous functions,
including reliable security and high-level networking allow
seamless operations with our high-end machines. In addition, an
easy to see and use control panel and Universal Design make C35
more user-friendly in a variety of ways. With seamless operations,
C35 can be used as an extension to
your existing office network of A3
MFPs without inconvenience.

* Optional authentication unit is require.

bizhub C35 is extremely simple to operate with an easy-to-see
32,000-colour high-resolution LCD display, easy-to-use large
buttons, and icons that are recognisable at a glance.


All-in-one design with standard faxing,
scanning and duplex printing functions

The bizhub C35 has all the essential features needed as a
distributed MFP for large offices. In addition to standard Super
G3 faxing, network printing, and network scanning and copying
functions, the C35 also provides a host of other standard
features including a variety of security functions, RADF (Reverse
Automatic Document Feeder), duplex printing, and a 120GB
HDD. It is also suitable in size and function as a main machine
for franchises and satellite offices.


bizhub C35