KC HiLiTES KC #7412 2-Tab Front Tube Bumper Jeep JK 2007 - 08 Installation User Manual

23 year warranty

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Parts Included:

1 - KC Aluminum Skid Plate

8 - 7/16 X 1 Bolt

16 - 7/16 Flat washer

8 - 7/16 Nylock nut

6 - 1/4 X 5/8 Truss head bolt

6 - 1/4 Nylock not

Installing the Bumper

1. Remove the stock bumper, plastic

skid plate and upper filler panel.
NOTE - Unplug driving lights and
remove the harness clips from the
skid plate.

2. Install the supplied 7/16 flat

washer on each of the eight 7/16
X 1 bolts.

3. Hold the bumper in place with the

mounting surfaces of the bumper
mated to the mounting surface of
each frame rail and start each of
the 7/16 X 1 bolts through the bumper and through the frame.

4. Start a 7/16 flat washer and Nylock nut on each of the 7/16 X 1 bolts.
5. Tighten the eight nuts and bolts attaching the bumper to the frame.
6. Place the skid plate on the lower portion of the bumper and insert each of

the 1/4 inch truss head bolts through the skid plate and through each of
the mounting tabs, then start a nut on each of the bolts.

7. Tighten the six nuts and bolts attaching the skid plate to the bumper.

You’re DONE! - - - - - - - Install your KC lights and enjoy.

Installation Instructions for KC 7412

2-Tab Front Tube Bumper

Jeep JK 2007 - 08

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23 Year Warranty