Troubleshooting – Sony NV-U83 User Manual

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The following checklist will help you remedy
problems you may encounter with your unit.
Before going through the checklist below, check the
connection and operating procedures.


The unit does not turn on.

t Charge the built-in battery.
t Check that the car battery adapter is securely

inserted into the cigarette lighter socket.

The built-in battery cannot be charged.

t Turn on the unit, then turn off the unit.
t If the car battery adapter is being used, disconnect

it from the cigarette lighter socket, then reconnect.

t The built-in lithium-ion battery can be charged at

temperatures between 5 – 45 ºC (41 – 113 ºF). The
battery may not be charged if the temperature
inside the unit increases because of direct sunlight
exposure, etc. This is not a malfunction.

t Turn on the computer during USB charge.

Note that the CHG indicator 7/


may light up in

green in the computer standby mode, even though
the built-in battery is not fully charged.

• Halogenated flame retardants are not used in the

certain printed wiring boards.

• Use of rechargeable lithium ion batteries.
• Corrugated cardboard is used for the packaging


• VOC (Volatile Organic Compound)-free vegetable

oil based ink is used for printing the carton.

GPS signal cannot be received.

Firstly, read the GPS overview (page 6), then check the
GPS status by selecting “More…” in the top menu


“GPS Status.”
• The system cannot receive GPS signals due to an


t Move your car to a place where signals can be

received clearly.

• There is an obstacle in front of the GPS aerial.

t Install the unit where the signal is not interrupted

by the body of the car, etc.

• GPS signal reception may be poor depending on the

material of the car’s windscreen.

t Use the optional External GPS Antenna VCA-42.

(NV-U73T/U53 only)

The car position on the map does not match
the current road.

The error margin of the signal from the GPS satellites
is too large. A maximum error margin of a few
hundred metres can exist.

Voice guidance cannot be heard.

The volume is set too low.
t Raise the volume (page 12).

The LCD is not displayed normally.

• In high temperatures, the LCD may darken and not

display clearly. In low temperatures, afterimage may
occur on the LCD. These are not malfunctions, and
the LCD will return to normal when the temperature
returns to within the specified operating range.

• The LCD is dark.

t The auto dimmer function may be activated

because its sensor 5 (page 8)/


(page 8) is

covered by a hand, etc.

The cradle comes off the attachment surface.

Attachment strength weakens if the surface of the
suction cup or attachment surface becomes dirty.
t Clean the surface of the suction cup and the

attachment surface with a soft, wet lint-free cloth
(page 17).

The demonstration mode starts automatically
even if no operation is performed.

t Turn off the auto demonstration mode by selecting

“More…” in the top menu

c “Settings” c “General


c “Demo Mode.” Then, confirm that

“Demo Mode” is set to off.

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