Daystar KT09101BK User Manual

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KT09100 or KT09101
1990-1994 4-Runner 2WD & 4WD 1¼” or 2½”
Coil Spring Spacers.

Installation Instructions

1. Jack up rear end and place jack stands under frame allowing rear suspension to move up and down


2. Disconnect lower shock mount bolts/nuts so that the rear axle droops and the coil springs become loose.
3. Remove the coil spring and the coil spring isolator.
4. Install the new coil spring spacer onto the frame in place of the stock isolator and install the coil spring in

between the coil spring spacer and the axle. (Note: you may have to pry the coil spring onto the axle

5. Jack up the rear suspension so that the coil spring seats into the coil spring spacer and reconnect the

lower shocks mount bolts/nuts.

6. Jack up the rear of the vehicle, remove the jack stands and lower the vehicle. Recheck all bolts/nuts for

tightness. Recheck tightness of all nuts/bolts after 500 miles.

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