Neutrik BNC Connectors User Manual

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500 1000 1500 2000 2500 3000 3500 4000 4500


n loss (dB)

Frequency range (MHz)

With the introduction of HD signals the impedance of BNC connectors
becames more important than ever. Every deviate impedance has a
negative influence on the "return loss" / "VSWR" (Voltage Standing
Wave Ratio) which are important measurements for reflected signals
in a transmission line. Especially on high frequencies – as they occur
when transmitting HD signals an impedance mismatch results in a lot
of return loss.

Neutrik´s BNC connectors feature a true 75

design that meet the

stringent requirements of HDTV and sustain a consistent impedance at
high frequencies up to 4.5

GHz. To achieve this result every Neutrik BNC

connector has been adapted to the measurements of a small group of
cables, this guarantees the best possible performance and a little return

The higher the frequencies the more pronounced is the „skin effect“,
which means that the energy moves to the outside of the conductor.
Therefore the plating of outer and center contact is more important
than on audio connectors with low frequencies – both contacts of our
BNC connectors are gold plated.

Tr u e 7 5 H D T V C o n n e c t o r s

N e u t r i k


B N C s – e n h a n c e d

h i g h f re q u e n c y s h i e l d i n g !

In times of rising frequencies the connector shielding becomes to an
important value in order to avoid EMI problems and crosstalking. Neutrik
BNC's take this fact into account and has been equipped with an opti-
mized ground contact design for maximum shielding effectiveness.

For further technical information and the
Neutrik BNC White Paper please refer to

Gold plated ground contact with improved shielding
effectiveness optimized for high frequency HDTV
signal up to 4.5 GHz.

B N C C o n n e c t o r s

B N C C o n n e c t o r s