Mustang Motorcycle Seats One-Piece Deluxe DayTripper Seat - Yamaha Road Star User Manual

Mustang Motorcycle Seats For motorcycles

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Mounting Suggestions

Yamaha Road Star 1600/1700 1999-

One-Piece Seat

Tools Required:

• 10 mm socket
• 10 mm wrench


• Stock 6 mm Rear Fender Bolt
• White Nylon Washer x1 (Included)

Baseplate Features:
The one-piece, marine-grade fiberglass baseplate is a direct
replacement for the stock, two-piece seat. Rubber bumpers
are positioned to prevent the seat from touching the frame and

Stock Seat Removal Steps

1. Open seat latch by turning ignition key counter-clockwise.

2. Remove stock seat.

3. Remove mounting bracket by removing the three 6 mm

bolts with a 10 mm socket. This bracket is not required for
the Mustang seat.

4. Reinstall the three 6 mm Allen bolts into the fender to fill

the holes.

5. Remove 8 mm mounting bolt with a 10 mm socket

Step 1

Step 3

Step 5