Mustang Motorcycle Seats One-Piece Deluxe DayTripper Seat - Yamaha Road Star User Manual

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These steps are guidelines to help you install your new Mustang product. If you need further

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For care and maintenance of our seats, please go to our website under "Support".

Ref. part #’s 75620, 76168

Enjoy the comfort of your new Mustang Seat!

Mounting of Mustang Seat

1. Set seat on frame, aligning the rear bracket with the mounting

hole in the fender.

2. Slide the supplied white nylon washer under the bracket and

then install the stock 8 mm bolt. DO NOT TIGHTEN YET!

3. Align the seat nose bracket with the frames latch. Push the

seat nose down to lock.

4. Now tighten the stock 8 mm bolt with a 10 mm wrench.

5. Turn the ignition key counter-clockwise to unlock the seat so it

can be moved to the left to check the engine oil level.

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