Net Optics XFP Transceiver Kit User Manual

Xfp transceiver kit, Link lengths, Passive, secure technology

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XFP Transceiver Kit

For greater flexibility, many Net Optics products use the industry-standard 10 Gigabit
XFP transceiver modules. This functionality enables end users to tap into different
network media and deploy different types of monitoring tools depending on the
application. Net Optics offers a range of products that utilize XFPs including Port
Aggregators, Bypass Switches, and the Director


data monitoring switch.

Link Lengths

Net Optics XFP modules support the following maximum lengths for network links.
XFP Type

Fiber Grade Maximum Link Length



300 meters



82 meters



33 meters


10 kilometers guaranteed, 25 kilometers typical


40 kilometers

Passive, Secure Technology

• 1 cable included
• RoHS Compliant
• Designed for industry-standard, MSA-compliant 10 Gigabit XFP Ports
• Compatible with IEEE 802.3ae
• Hot-pluggable
• Low power, high performance
• Single +3.3 V power supply operation

Technical Specifications:


Operating Temperature:

0ºC to 40ºC

Storage Temperature:

-10ºC to 70ºC

Relative Humidity:

10% min, 95% max, non-condensing

Fiber Optic Interface:


Class 1, eye-safe, laser emitter type. These Class 1

Lasers conform to the applicable requirements per US 21 CFR (J)
and EN 60825-1, also UL 1950 applications.

Multimode, SR:
Optical Transmitter Wave Length:

850nm nominal

Output Power:

-7.3dBm min, -1dBm max

Optical Reciever Input Sensitivity:

-11.1 dB max

Singlemode, LR:
Optical Transmitter Wave Length:

1310nm nominal

Output Power:

-0.5dBm max

Optical Reciever Input Sensitivity:

-12.6 dB max

Singlemode, ER:
Optical Transmitter Wave Length:

1550nm nominal

Output Power:

-1dBm min, +2dBm max

Optical Reciever Input Sensitivity:

-16 dB max

Fiber Cable Interface:


850nm, 1310nm, or 1550nm

Fiber Type:

Corning Multimode 50 or 62.5/125µm

Corning Singlemode 8.5/125µm


Fully RoHS compliant

Part Number Description

XFPKT-SR Multimode Fiber SFP 62.5µm w/ cable
XFPKT-50SR Multimode Fiber SFP 50µm w/ cable
XFPKT-LR Singlemode Fiber SFP 1310nm w/ cable
XFPKT-ER Singlemode Fiber SFP 1550nm w/ cable

All products include a 1 year manufacturer’s warranty.

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