NXG Technology NX-AW6 User Manual

Nx-aw4, nx-aw5, and nx-aw6, All-weather speakers – outdoor/indoor/marine, Unpacking

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ongratulations on the purchase of your new all-weather speakers. At NXG Technology,

we strive to offer products that are durable, functional, and above all else – speakers that

produce great audio. Like all NXG products, our all-weather speaker line has evolved

from hours of rigorous testing by our engineers and customers and were designed to pro-

vide you with years of great sound, whether in your den, backyard or on your boat. Please

take a moment to to review the installation instructions to ensure that you get the most

from your new speakers.


Carefully remove your new NXG speakers from the box. Inspect the speakers for transit

damage. If you discover damage, contact your dealer immediately. Save your carton – it is the

best possible protection for your speakers should you ever have a need to move them.

Positioning and Mounting Your New NXG Speakers

Note: the distance between yourself and the point directly between the speakers should be

(roughly 20%) greater than the distance between the two speakers. Outside placement may

be different, due to variances in available mounting areas.




– 20 threaded

brass inserts accept

universal style

mounting hardware

(not included).

Negative (Black)

Input Binding Post




All NXG weather-resistant speakers are equipped with

powder-coated ratcheting aluminum mounting brackets

that allow for vertical or horizontal mounting. Be certain

the type of anchor you choose, and the material you

are mounting the anchor into, are capable of holding

the weight of the speaker. (Many mounting anchor sys-

tems are available from your local hardware store.)

After mounting the bracket, connect the wire as shown

in Figure 2, and loosely secure the speaker to the

bracket using the supplied knobs. Adjust the speaker’s

angle for optimum listening area coverage and firmly

hand-tighten the knobs.

Hooking Up Your

New NXG Speakers

STOP! – Make sure that you consult your amplifier’s

owner’s manual regarding speaker hook-up. Your ampli-

fier should be turned off throughout this procedure.
Most speaker wire is polarity coded. This means that

each conductor is labeled either (+) positive or (-) neg-

ative. The (+) positive side may be a different color or

texture than the (-) negative side. On the back of your

amplifier, each channel should be labeled (+) and (-)

as well as color coded red for (+) positive and black for

(-) negative. NXG speaker terminals are color coded

red for (+) positive and black for (-) negative. Be sure

to hook (+) to (+), (red to red), and (-) to (-), (black to

black). (See figure 3.) All connections should be tight.

Inspect connections for frays and stray strands of wire

touching both (+) and (-) terminals. (This will cause a

short and, perhaps, damage your equipment.)

Positive (Red)

Input Binding Post

To Negative Terminal

of Amplifier

To Positive Terminal of


Speaker wire hole


aluminum ratcheting

mounting bracket


Bracket knob

NX-AW4, NX-AW5, and NX-AW6

All-Weather Speakers – Outdoor/Indoor/Marine





– 20 threads

Hook up with either bare speaker wire as

large as 10 gauge or NXG banana plugs.

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