Global Specialties 1507 User Manual

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Variable isolated AC output from 0-150 VAC

Continuous 10 amp output current to a
maximum of 1300 VA

Variable current adjust

Two parallel three-prong AC outlets allow the
unit to be used for more than one load

Two 3.5” high analog meters. One monitors
AC line or output voltage and the other
displays output current or leakage

Leakage indicator and reset switch

Audible alarm to warn of “HOT” chassis or
shorts on equipment under test

Output overload indicator

AC input fuse protected


The 1507 is designed to provide
isolated AC output variable from 0 to
approximately 150 volts. It can supply a
continuous 10 amp output current to a
maximum of 1300 VA. The output
current can be set to the maximum
output desired, at which point a latching
relay will open the circuit and reduce
output volts and amps to zero. Two
parallel, three-prong AC sockets are
provided to allow the operator to use
the unit for more than one load.

The 1507 also includes a leakage tester
that can measure AC leakage current in
electrical/electronic equipment in order
to verify if the leakage is within limits
established by UL, CSA, etc.

Variable AC Power Supply 0-150 VAC, 10 A

The 1507 is
perfect for:



Dual loads

Leakage testing