Global Specialties RP6V2-WIFI User Manual


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ATmega2560 processor with 256KB flash,
8KB SRAM and 6 timers

Energy efficient 802.11g WLAN radio module

Power consumption for the whole module at
5V is only 460mW with active 500KbBit/s
data transfer

Over 60 free 5V I/O ports available on easy
to use standard 2.54mm grid connectors

MicroSD card slot for large flash memory

2 Pushbuttons and 7 LEDs

Module can also be used without the RP6V2
robot (see manual)

Use the RP6v2 RobotLoader Software
(included with the RP6v2) to program the
microcontroller via a wireless network

Dedicated processor for TCP/IP Stack and
WPA2-AES encryption, easy to use via serial

Connects to accesspoint within 1 second
(typical), afterwards you can directly transfer

RP6v2-M256-WIFI Module

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This very powerful expansion board
provides an ATmega2560 processor
plus WLAN for the RP6v2 Robot.

Compared to the controller on the
RP6 mainboard, this one features
twice as high the clock frequency
and 8 times as much SRAM and
Flash Memory.

As a bonus, on the RP6v2-WIFI you
will have a lot more free processing
time because the Motor Control,
ACS, IRCOMM, etc. can be handled
by the controller on the mainboard.

WIFI Capabilities:

Control the RP6v2 via
wireless network from a

Transfer data
wirelessly to and from
the RP6v2 and a PC

Program the
microcontroller via
WLAN easily and

Use it as a data logger
with the microSD card

Use it as a small
webserver to check
status and control the
robot via a web

Control dozens of
sensors and actors with
the 60 I/O ports

Use it together with
several RP6v2-EXP
(experiment expansion
boards) to build your
own circuits


RP6v2 with WIFI
and Display