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Your Grove Gear reducer has been tested and adjusted at
the factory. Dismantling or replacement of components
must be done by Grove Gear to maintain the warranty.

Frequently check the oil level of the reducer. If oil level is
low, (refer to reducer vent and level position chart) add
proper lubrication through the filler plug until it comes to
the center of the sight gage.

Inspect vent plug often to insure it is clean and operating.

Mounting bolts should be routinely checked to

ensure that the unit is firmly anchored for proper operation.

Seals: The Grove Gear line of speed reducers utilize
premium quality seals which are the state-of-the-art in
sealing technology. Seals are, however, a wear item and
eventually need to be replaced. Replacement can be easily
accomplished by following the steps below:


Lock out and tag out the reducer’s

power source.


Remove any load from the input and/or

output shafts of the reducer prior to disconnecting any
drive components.

3. Remove appropriate drive components to gain access

to seal to be replaced.

4. Drain oil if seal is below oil level.

5. Remove the worn seal without damaging the shaft sur-

face or the seal bore. This can be done by puncturing
an approximate .062 diameter hole in the seal casing
using an awl (being careful not to strike the bearing
behind the seal). Screw a #10 sheet metal screw into
the hole and pry out the seal.

6. Clean the seal bore of sealant.


Before installing the new seal, use electrical tape to
cover any keyways on the shaft to prevent seal lip

8. Grease the seal lips with bearing grease and apply a

sealant to the seal bore in housing or cover.

9. Slide the seal onto the shaft being careful not to fold

the inner lip over on any shaft steps.

10. Press the seal into its bore with a sleeve that

presses on the seal casing, being careful to keep the
seal square in its bore.

11. Refill reducer to proper level with appropriate lubri-


12. Reconnect any drive components disconnected in Step

3. Make sure components are properly aligned.

Class of Service

All capacity ratings are based on proper application of American Gear Manufacturers Association (AGMA) service
factors as given on pages A6 and E2 of the TorqueLine Catalog. Load conditions must be within cataloged ratings
published in the current Grove Gear Catalog (available upon request).

Warranty From Grove Gear

- See catalog page E13 for warranty terms and conditions.

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1524 15TH AVENUE • UNION GROVE, WI 53182

PHONE: 262-878-1221 • FAX: 262-878-1968


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