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Instruction Manual

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Standard Speed Reducer Mounting Positions & Vent Plug, Level and Drain Locations

Maintenance - Standard Units

Your Grove Gear reducer has been tested and adjusted at the factory. Dismantling or replacement of components must be done by

Grove Gear to maintain the warranty.

Frequently check the oil level of the reducer. If oil level is low, (refer to reducer vent and level position chart) add proper lubrication

through the filler plug until it comes out the oil level plug.

Inspect vent plug often to insure it is clean and operating.

Mounting bolts should be routinely checked to ensure that the unit is firmly anchored for proper operation.

Seals: The Grove Gear line of speed reducers utilize premium quality seals which are the state-of-the-art in sealing technology. Seals

are, however, a wear item and eventually need to be replaced. Replacement can be easily accomplished by following the steps below:

1. Remove the worn seal without damaging the shaft surface or the seal bore. This can be done by drilling a .062

diameter hole in the seal casing (being careful not to drill into the bearing behind the seal). Screw a #10 sheet metal

screw into the hole and pry out the seal.

2. Clean the seal bore of sealant.

3. Before installing the new seal, use electrical tape to cover any keyways on the shaft to prevent seal lip damage.

4. Grease the seal lips with bearing grease and apply a sealant to the seal bore.

5. Slide the seal into the shaft being careful not to fold the inner lip over on any shaft steps.

6. Press the seal into its bore with a sleeve that presses on the seal casing, being careful to keep the seal square in its



Instruction Manual


Inspect the stem of the pressure compensating system often to ensure it is clean and operating properly.

Mounting bolts should be routinely checked to ensure that the unit is firmly anchored for proper operation.

Class of Service

All capacity ratings are based on American Gear Manufacturers Association (AGMA) Standards. Load conditions must be within cata-

loged ratings published in the current Grove Gear Catalog (available upon request).


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