Hochiki YBO-BS User Manual

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Products Covered: YBO-BS installed with ALG-E, ALG-E(NP), AIE-E, AIE-E(NP), ATG-E,
ATG-E(NP), ACA-E, ACB-E Sensors, CHQ-AB Range of Beacons, CHQ-ARI Remote Indicator and
YBN-R/3 Standard Base, YBO-R/SCI Short-Circuit Isolator Base (from batch code 6044 only).


The Loop-Powered Sounder Base (YBO-BS) is designed to complement the standard common mounting base
(YBN-R/3) and the isolator base (YBO-R/SCI) in locations where Loop-Powered Sounders are required. The YBO-
BS has connections for both of these types of base as well as for the standard range of Hochiki Analogue
Addressable Sensors and Beacons. The YBO-BS is designed to give audibility in locations such as Hotel
Bedrooms, Offices and Corridors. Note that the YBO-BS is for indoor use only (Type A) and is rated at IP21.

Fig. 1

Common Configurations

The YBO-BS can be used in conjunction with an ESP Sensor, Beacon or Remote
Indicator (see Fig.1) or with the addition of a Cap (see Fig. 2).

Address Setting

The default address of the YBO-BS is 254, and therefore if the YBO-BS is to be
used as a base sounder (sensor on top) then the address will not need to be
changed, as the control panel will automatically address the sounder as described
below. However, if the sounder is to be used as a wall sounder then the YBO-BS
will need to be manually addressed from 1 to 127 as described below. Note:
Control Panel compatibility needs to be checked to verify if automatic
addressing above 127 is supported.

Automatic Addressing (Control Panel)

The control panel automatically assigns the address to the base sounder at
initialisation, the address is calculated by taking the address of the sensor that is
fitted to the base sounder and adding 127, this is then stored within the base
sounder. For example, if a sensor is set at address 10 then the base sounder
would be automatically set at address 137. Addresses above 127 may not be
visible to the user depending upon the implementation by the Control Panel.

Fig. 2

Manual Addressing (Hand Held Programmer)

The base sounder address can be set using the Hand Held programmer (TCH-B100) from 1 to 254. See the TCH-
B100 instructions for further details of address setting. If the YBO-BS is to be used as a wall sounder then the
address should be set from 1 to 127 before being installed. If the YBO-BS is to be used as a base sounder
(sensor on top) then the address should be set from 128 to 254.



Ensure that the base sounder is installed in accordance with Local Standards or Regulations.


Check that both sensor and mounting base are compatible with the YBO-BS.


Only install in suitable environments, the following in particular should be avoided: -

ƒ Excessive ambient temperature.
ƒ Where excessive condensation or moisture is present.
ƒ Hazardous



A high voltage tester must not be used with this base sounder.


Ensure that the base sounder is securely fixed to the mounting base.


For proper wiring supervision ensure that the cables are wired as shown in the diagram below.