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Products Covered : CLB-E(RED)


The CLB-E is a conventional beacon compatible with Hochiki’s Standard Conventional Base, model YBN-
R/6. Please note the remote indicator terminal on this base will be redundant when used in conjunction with
the CLB-E Beacon. The CLB-E features a Fresnel lens with a high-intensity light source which will flash
typically once per second when power is applied.
Please note:- This product is designed for indoor use only.

Follow the guidelines below before installation and maintenance. Hochiki cannot guarantee the beacon's
performance if these guidelines are not followed.


The beacon and base combination should be installed to the following guidelines:

Ensure the Beacon and Base are installed in accordance with Local Standards or Regulations.

Beacon and Base combinations should only be installed where ambient temperatures are between

°C to +50°C and where the condensation and moisture levels are between 10% to 95% RH - Non

condensing (at 40


Only install in suitable environments, the following should be avoided:

Situations in which condensation exists.

Situations in which corrosive gases exist.

Situations in which obstacles exist, which could impede visual indication of the Beacon.

Hazardous areas.

Do not use a high voltage tester on the Beacon.

Certain actions can cause permanent damage to the Beacon. If the Beacon is subjected to any of the
following it should not be used:

Disassembly and re-assembly.

Impact or shock.

If damage is suspected after a fire has occurred, the Beacon should be replaced. After installation, all
Beacons on the fire alarm system should be tested to confirm correct operation. Installation and
maintenance should only be carried out by suitably trained engineers.

The Beacon must be subject to periodic maintenance during regular service visits. This period should be
outlined in the appropriate standards or recommendations. If there are no such standards existing, Hochiki
recommends that the minimum period of maintenance should be 1 year and that the following should be
taken into account:

A regular operation test should be performed.

A visual check for contamination and mechanical damage should be made.

Wiring and Locking Mechanism

The bases used with the beacon should be
wired as shown in Fig 2 below. The CLB-E can
also be locked onto the relevant base by
removing a plastic lug on the underside of the
beacon, please refer to Fig 1. The beacon can
only then be removed by using a special
Removal Tool (TSC-A100/ALG) which is
available from Hochiki Europe (UK) Ltd.

Fig 1

Remove tab carefully
using a pair of pliers