Hochiki CHQ-ADAPTOR User Manual

Chq-adaptor installation instructions, Introduction, Assembling the unit

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The CHQ-ADAPTOR is designed to allow the “Smart-Fix“ range of CHQ Modules to be
housed in existing enclosures originally designed for the first generation CHQ-OEM
Modules by modifying the ‘footprint’ of the unit.

When disassembling the "Smart-Fix“ CHQ Module in preparation for mounting onto the
Adaptor please be aware that the device features a printed circuit board (PCB) which
contains electro-static sensitive components. Observe precautions for handling these
components to avoid damage to the unit.

Assembling the Unit


Locate one of the retaining clips on the
side edge of the PCB cover on the CHQ


Using a small screw driver, carefully push
the clip inwards whilst lifting the PCB
cover upwards (see Fig 1). When the
PCB cover is removed, the PCB will be


Hold the PCB by the plastic terminal
blocks (see Fig 2) and carefully remove
from the CHQ Module housing.


Place the PCB into the CHQ Adaptor
ensuring the loop cable connectors sit
within the correct cut- away at the bottom
edge of the raised section of the adaptor
(see Fig 3 overleaf).

Fig 1


Take the PCB cover originally removed
from the CHQ Module and position over
the PCB.


Ensure the plastic lugs on the inside
edge of the PCB cover (opposite end to
the holes for the retaining clips) are
engaged in their respective holes. The
retaining clips on the adaptor will now
be lined up with their corresponding
holes on the PCB cover (see Fig 4


Push the two parts together until the
retaining clips engage.


Wire the CHQ Module as per the
installation instructions.

Fig 2