Hochiki CHQ-BACKBOX User Manual

Chq-backbox installation instructions, Introduction, Fixing the backbox

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The CHQ-BACKBOX is designed for installations where the CHQ "Smart-Fix"
SCI versions) require mounting within a glanded enclosure. The unit features ten
knock-outs suitable for cable glands and accepts the CHQ Modules directly as a lid.

Fixing the Backbox


The CHQ-BACKBOX should be fixed to a dry, stable fixing surface. Using the
template on the reverse of these instructions, determine the fixing position of the
box, ensuring each of the four drill holes on the template is marked clearly on the
fixing surface.


Drill the four holes in the fixing surface according to the required fixing method
being used.


Select the cable-entry knock-outs that are required, refer to CHQ Module
Installation Instructions for wiring details, including number of cables. Remove
with the tip of a screwdriver or similar tool. Fit appropriate cable glands.


Fix the box to the fixing surface with appropriate fixings (not supplied) but DO
NOT OVERTIGHTEN as this may damage the box.

Wiring the Cables

Due to the rigidity of certain fire system cables we recommend, where possible, that
the cables are brought into the box (through cable glands) on the OPPOSITE side of
the box to the required terminal block on the CHQ Module (see Fig 1). Wiring in this
way allows the cables to be easily manoeuvred into position to reach the terminal
blocks without being obstructed by the ends of the cable glands. If this is not
possible, strip the outer cable sheath back to the glands and bend the inner wires to
reach the required terminal block (see Fig 2).

Fig 1.

Fig 2.