Foredom 800 User Manual

Owner, S manual model 800 air grinder, Foredom

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s Manual

Model 800 Air Grinder

Instructions for Assembly,
Operation, and Maintenance

For your own safety, please read the Owner’s Manual
before operating your Foredom power tool.
Always wear eye protection.



Safety Instructions

Before using the Foredom Model 800 Air Powered Grinder, be sure to thoroughly
familiarize yourself with these instructions, with State and Local Regulations and with
the regulations of General Industry Safety and Health Regulations, Part 1910,
OSHA 2206, available from Supt. of Documents, Gov’t Printing Office, Washington
D.C. 20402, and Safety Code for Portable Air Tool – ANSI 81861. Available from
American Standards Institute, Inc., 1430 Broadway, New York, New York 10018.
Always comply with these regulations.

Please pay attention to the following:

Be sure that the speed rating of the accessory (abrasive wheel, buffing wheel, wire
brush, saw blade, flap wheel, carbide bur, steel bur, or other product) is 30,000 RPM
or higher. Do not use any accessory which vibrates, or is cracked, chipped, or
otherwise damaged.

Operate the tool at 90 PSI (6.3 Kg/Cm). Never operate above 90 PSI. Use an air-line
filter/regulator/lubricator recommended for use at 90 PSI.

If the tool vibrates, is damaged or produces an unusual sound, repair
immediately or return to Foredom for repair.

Always wear safety glasses or a face shield when using this tool.

Do not use excessive force. Let the rotational speed of the tool do the work.

Failure to follow these instructions may result in serious injuries.


Recommended air pressure for optimum performance is 90 PSI. Clean, filtered, and
lubricated air is essential for long, trouble-free life of the Foredom Model 800
Air Grinder.

The Model 800 Air Grinder is supplied with a 6

heavy duty hose with 1/8


threaded fitting which should be attached to air supply through the filter/
regulator/lubricator assembly. Adjust lubricator for minimal oil delivery.

Do not sterilize this handpiece.

Installing Burs:

1. Pull back chuck guard to uncover chuck portion of the spindle.

2. Insert one of two wrenches provided in slots on spindle.

3. Insert other wrench in slots on chuck nut.

4. Turn wrenches to loosen chuck nut.

5. Insert accessory shank as far as possible into the collet.

6. Tighten chuck nut securely with wrenches and test for a secure hold by pulling
on accessory.

7. Remove wrenches and slide chuck guard into protective position.

8. Follow the same steps to replace accessory.