Otter Outdoors Rear Sled Hitch Receiver User Manual

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Rear Sled Hitch Receiver Instructions Item 200064 (0403)

1. At the rear of the Otter Pro sled measure down 7” from the underside of the lip at the
approximate center. For the Otter Wild sled measure down 8”. Place a mark at this spot.
Now measure the width of the sled where the mark is and mark the center point. In this
case the sled is 32” wide, 7” down from the lip, so the center point is at 16”.

2. From the center point measure 3/4” to the left and place a mark. Drill a hole at that
mark using an 11/32” drill bit or just over 5/16”. Place the hitch receiver into position
and put a 5/16 bolt through the receiver and the hole. Lightly tighten into place. Make
sure the receiver is level and then drill out the second hole.

7” down
Otter Pro

7” down

Find the center point

Center point

Mark and
drill hole ¾”
from the
center point

Insert bolt and
lightly tighten here

Drill second hole
here thru the
hole in receiver

8” down
Otter Wild