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The following procedure, presented in order of adjustment sequence, should be used when read-
justing all trim pot functions.


A. Acceleration Start.
The ACCEL is factory set at approximately .2 seconds. To readjust to
different times, set the knob to the desired position as indicated in Fig 2.

B. Deceleration. The DECEL is factory set to provide a ramp-down time of .2 seconds. To
change the ramp-down time, adjust the DECEL trim pot as indicated in Fig 2.

C. Minimum Speed Adjustment. If a higher than zero minimum speed is desired, readjust
the minimum speed by turning the speed control knob to zero setting (full CCW position).
Then adjust the Min. Speed Trim pot to the desired setting.

D. Maximum Speed Adjustment. Turn Speed Control Knob to full speed (maximum CW po-
sition). Adjust max. speed trim pot to new desired setting.

E. Current Limit (CL/Torque Adjustment). CL circuitry is provided to protect the motor
and control against overloads. The CL also limits the inrush current to safe level during startup.
The CL is factory set to approximately 1.5 times the full load rating of the motor. (CL trim pot
is nominally set to approximately 65% of full CW rotation).

NOTE: In order for the IR comp and CL trim pot settings to be correct, the proper Plug-in
Horsepower Resistor must be installed for the particular motor and input volt age
being used. Do not attempt to change the settings of the trim pots unless absolutely
necessary since they are factory adjusted to near optimum settings.

NOTE: The min. speed adjustment will affect the max. speed setting. Therefore, it is
necessary to readjust the max. speed after the min. speed is adjusted.

NOTE: Do not attempt to adjust the max. speed above the rated motor RPM since unsta-
ble motor operation may occur. For moderate changes in the max. speed, there will be a
slight effect on the min. speed setting.