Nature Power 10 Watt Folding (55010 ) User Manual

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10 Watt Folding

Instruction Manual

10 Watt Folding Solar Panel - 55010

Important! Please read instructions before operating.

Packing Contents:

1- Solar Panel

1- Battery Clamps

10 Laptop Adapters

Product Description:

Solar captures the sun’s energy to create power. This product is
designed to charge standard 12 Volt automotive batteries and
also will charge laptop batteries.


Observe manufacturer’s safety procedures when
working around batteries and other electrical equipment

Product is designed to be used on 12 volt configurations
in parallel ONLY
Positive (+) to Positive (+), Negative (-) to Negative (-)

Product will not charge, non-rechargeable batteries

Product should be placed in a well ventilated area, free
from flammable gases

Make sure panel secured in place or stored while vehicle
is in motion to prevent physical damage or harm to
personal property

Solar Panel is water resistant, yet the quick connect
wiring and J-Plugs must be kept dry.

To Install:

Battery Clamp Connector:

Using the included battery clamps connect J-Plugs to
panel J-Plug
Connect the Red – Positive (+) clamp to the Positive (+)
battery terminal
Connect the Black – Negative (-) clamp to the
Negative (-) battery terminal

Confirm that both connections are tight and secure.
WARNING: Ensure that the positive matches the
positive and the negative matches the negative.
(Connections are in Parallel) Wrong connections may
cause sparks or void the warranty.

Testing the Voltage:

You may use a voltage meter or a digital multi-meter to measure
the voltage of your solar panel before connecting to the battery.
Voltage can range between 15-22 volts. Testing will ensure
correct charging operation. (Testing equipment not included)

Using Laptop Adapters

1. Select the laptop adapter plug that attaches to your

computer. The 10 plugs will charge standard laptops and
notebooks only.

2. Attach the Quick Connect Adapter to the end of the solar

panel wiring

3. Join the Quick Connect Adapter plug to the Laptop


4. Then connect the Laptop adapter to the Laptop to start



Folding Solar panels can be permanently or temporarily installed.
Use the O-Rings on the panel to hold down for installation.
No installation equipment is included.

Limited Warranty:
Proof of Purchase is required (Receipt)
1 Year: Free from defects in material and workmanship
5 Year: Warranted to generate up to 80% of rated power

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