HT instruments HT5 User Manual

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This instrument is warranted against any material or manufacturing defect, in compliance
with the general sales conditions. During the warranty period, defective parts may be
replaced. However, the manufacturer reserves the right to repair or replace the product.

The warranty shall not apply in the following cases:

• Repair and/or replacement of accessories and batteries (not covered by warranty).

• Repairs that may become necessary as a consequence of an incorrect use of the

instrument or due to its use together with non-compatible appliances.

• Repairs that may become necessary as a consequence of improper packaging.

• Repairs which may become necessary as a consequence of interventions performed

by unauthorized personnel.

• Modifications to the instrument performed without the manufacturer’s explicit


• Use not provided for in the instrument’s specifications or in the instruction manual.

The content of this manual cannot be reproduced in any form without the manufacturer’s

Our products are patented and our trademarks are registered. The manufacturer
reserves the right to make changes in the specifications and prices if this is due to
improvements in technology

If the instrument does not operate properly, before contacting the After-sales Service,
please check the conditions of battery and replace it if necessary.
Should the instrument still operate improperly, check that the product is operated
according to the instructions given in this manual.

Should the instrument be returned to the After-sales Service or to a Dealer, transport will
be at the Customer’s charge. However, shipment will be agreed in advance.
A report will always be enclosed to a shipment, stating the reasons for the product’s return.
Only use original packaging for shipment; any damage due to the use of non-original
packaging material will be charged to the Customer.