Apple Color StyleWriter 4500 User Manual

Setting up your printer

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This chapter introduces the Apple Color StyleWriter 4500 printer and
explains how to set it up. After you follow the instructions in this chapter,
you’ll be ready to print.

Important safety instructions

Always take the following precautions:

m Keep the printer cover closed when printing.
m Always turn off the printer before unplugging it.
m Keep the ink cartridges away from children.
m Keep the printer away from sources of liquid, such as wash basins,

bathtubs, and shower stalls.

m Protect the printer from dampness or wet weather, such as rain and snow.
m Read all the installation instructions carefully before you plug the printer

into a wall socket.

m Keep these instructions handy for reference by you and others.
m Follow all instructions and warnings dealing with your computer system.
m Don’t use devices that produce open flames, such as Bunsen burners, near

the printer.


Setting Up Your Printer