Advanced setup – Revo R16DVR4 User Manual

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User’s Manual


REVO Dashboard Setup II

Select New account if you want to create a new Dashboard account,
and select Existing account if you want to use your existing
Dashboard account.

REVO Dashboard Setup III

Enter the User ID and Password for your Dashboard account. And
then register the DVR you want to access by entering the DVR name
and selecting the Register/Add a new DVR button.

Select the Finish button to finish the Setup Wizard.


To enter the Main Setup screen, press the MENU button on the remote control. Select the (Setup) icon at the top
of the screen by pressing the button. The Login screen appears.

Select a User and enter the password by pressing the appropriate combination of
Camera number buttons on the remote control and select the OK button. The factory
default password is 1234 for a User and there is no password for an admin user.
If you do not know the password, click the button for guidance.

NOTE: When logged on as the User, live monitoring, searching video and exporting recorded data (Backup) can
only be allowed.

NOTE: Setting up a password is strongly recommended to ensure secure management of the system.

NOTE: To enter a password by using the mouse, click the

button, and a virtual keyboard displays. See

instructions above for using the virtual keyboard.