Noby UK Noby-420 2-Zone User Manual

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Noby-420 Installation & Programming Instructions Rev3

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Each of the following functions must be preceded by the Access Code which is fixed at [3][6][3][6]. Successful
entry of the Access Code is confirmed by the red Function LED. Pressing [5] to Quit at any time will cause the
system to revert back to normal standby mode, otherwise the system will automatically revert back after 10
seconds of inactivity.

Mute Sounders

[3][6][3][6] [1]

Main external sounders switched off.

Mute Panel

[3][6][3][6] [4]

Panel internal sounders (piezos) switched off.

System Reset

[3][6][3][6] [5]

All LEDs are tested for 3 seconds.

Quick Reset

[3][6][3][6] [1] [4] [5]

A Quick Reset is an amalgamation of the first three operations above.
Note that the Main Sounders & Panel Sounder MUST be individually muted before a reset can be accepted.
Reset is acknowledged by a 3 second LED test.




The main external and panel internal sounders are switched on. The Fire Alarm Relay is activated.

Zone_Isolate & Relay_Isolate

[3][6][3][6] [3]

This function is used to Isolate zones and/or the Fire Alarm Relay.
The current isolation status is displayed by any flashing yellow zone LED’s and/or the Relay_Isolate LED.
Note that scrolling down automatically wipes any pre-existing isolation status LEDs.
Key [1] to Scroll-Down and highlight the desired yellow zone LED (or the Relay_Isolate LED) for selection.
Key [3] to Toggle the selected zone (or the relay) on or off – the LED flashes when isolation is active.
Key [4] to Accept and update the current isolation status and then revert back to normal standby mode . . .OR
Key [5] to Quit and revert back to normal standby mode without updating the displayed isolation status.

Once back in normal standby mode any isolated zone (or relay) is confirmed by a flashing zone fault LED (and/or
Relay_Isolate LED). Zone_Isolate and/or Relay_Isolate operations should only be performed or authorised by the
Installation / Service Company.

One Man Test

[3][6][3][6] [6]

This function is used to ‘one-man’ test the system.
Key [1] to Scroll-Down and highlight the zone for test.
Key [6] to Toggle the zone selected for test on or off – the yellow zone LED will flash when in test mode.
It is now possible to trigger each detector or call-point in turn on the selected zone.
The sounders are pulsed for as long as a fire condition is applied (provided they are not isolated) and the Zone Fire
LED is latched.
The Fire Alarm Relay is not activated.
Key [5] to Quit to revert back to normal standby mode.

The system will revert back to normal standby mode after 90 seconds of panel inactivity (i.e. no keypad operations
or zone activations). Any fire alarm generated from a non-test zone will cause the system to abort the test and give
the appropriate fire response.