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Noby-448 User Operating Manual & Log Book

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The Fire Alarm System should be periodically tested by the Responsible Person to ensure that it remains fully
functional at all times.


Check the panel for normal operation.
The green Power LED should be lit.
The Isolate LED may be flashing in which case one or more yellow zone fault LEDs will also be flashing. **
The Relay_Isolate LED may be flashing.**

Any other fault indication should be recorded in the Event Log and the Installation/Service Company informed.

** Zone_Isolate and/or Relay_Isolate operations should only be performed or authorised by the Installation/

Service Company).


Operate at least one manual call point or detector to ensure correct operation of the Noby-448 Control Panel.
If possible, choose a different device to trigger the Fire Alarm System each week, by rotation, such that the whole
system is eventually tested over a period of time.
A record of the test should be kept in the Test Log.
The Installation/Service Company may have configured a Weekly Test Reminder option, which will flash the Test
LED and sound an intermittent bleep when a test is due. This reminder will be automatically reset after a test has
been carried out.


Every three months the Installation/Service Company should check the Fire Alarm System:

Check the log book entries and confirm that any remedial action has been taken.

Check the battery and its connections.

Remove mains supply and check that the battery is capable of supplying the alarm sounders.

Operate at least one call point or detector in each zone to test the fire alarm as per above.

Perform a visual inspection of the fire alarm system for any alterations or obstructions.

Issue a certificate of testing.


Every twelve months the Installation/Service Company should check the Fire Alarm System. This check is similar to
the quarterly check except that every device on the system should be checked for operation