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Type 2 & 4 safety light
barriers for “point of
operation” & “perimeter”
guarding in a compact
28 x 30 mm profile.

Type 4 safety light
barriers with built-in
control functions in a
35 x 45 mm profile.

Master/Slave Models

Cable Lengths to 100 m

2 Safety PNP Outputs


Long Range Up to 60 m

E-Stop Relays

Safety Gate Relays

Light Curtain Relays

Two Hand Control Relay

Time Delay Relays

DIN Connectors

Molded Cable Assemblies

Distribution Boxes: 4, 6, or 8 Position

Cylinder Position Sensors

M8/M12 Molded Versions

ur extensive line of safety relays allow you to bring
your machines up to the latest safety standards
with ease. These units feature monitored, force
guided contacts thereby eliminating the possibility
of single component failure.

orstat offers a wide selection of DIN 43650 connectors and
molded cable assemblies for the electrical connections of
hydraulic and pneumatic solenoid valves and sensors.
Our molded cable assemblies are available with or without
LED and suppression and are available in a variety of cable

Safety Relays

Connection Technology

Integrated Safety Functions

M12 Connectors with Unshielded Connectors

IP 67

No Dead Zone

EDM, Selectable Start/Restart

Safety Light Curtains: