NORSTAT Norstat User Manual

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Stacklights and Signal Towers

Optical and Audible Signaling Devices



Mechanical Safety Interlock Switches

Position and Limit Switches

Foot Switches

Micro Switches

8 to 10 mm Switching Distance

Suitable for Harsh Environments

Category 2-4 System Performance

Uniquely Coded Switches Available

orstat offers a complete range of non-contact
(Cat 2-4) safety switches and safety switch systems.
These safety switch systems are truly
one of the most reliable systems available today.

ith over 2500 items in our catalog, we can offer a switch
for almost any application. These cost competitive
switches are available in robust plastic or metal
housings, come in a large variety of sizes and offer a
protection rating of IP 65 or greater.

orstat offers a wide variety of optical and audible

signaling devices including modular stacklights, buzzers
and beacons. These signaling devices are suitable for a
wide variety of applications and incorporate many
innovative features.

Non-Contact Safety Systems

Safety Switches

Signaling Technology