ProMariner ProSafe Galvanic Isolator User Manual

Prosafe galvanic isolator installation

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ProSafe Galvanic Isolator Installation

Part # 22033 – 30 Amp Single Shore Cord

Part # 22067 – 50 Amp Single or Dual 30 Amp Shore Cord

ABYC A-28.7

“The Galvanic Isolator shall be connected in series with the AC grounding conductor (green

or green with yellow stripe) in a manner that no other ground conductor will bypass the isolator back to the
shore power ground.”

Professional Mariner would also recommend that you place your Galvanic Isolator

in a dry, ventilated area. Secure the Galvanic Isolator in the horizontal position with the high current
studs to the sides as shown below.

Please Note:
• The ProSafe One Galvanic Isolator is a stand alone unit.

• In order to fully comply with ABYC A-28 requirements the Galvanic Isolator must be monitored

requiring the addition of the Isolator Monitor, Remote Display and the Monitor to Isolator Cable as
shown below. For more information please visit, local retailer or dealer.

• The electrical posts are marked “AC Shore Ground” and “Bonding System” and must be connected

as marked.

• There is no need to ground the case of the isolator.

• In some Community Antenna TV (CATV) systems, there is a possibility of bypassing the galvanic

isolator connection of additional CATV equipment (e.g., amplifier splitters, computer equipment,
etc.). Additional isolation may be required on shielded connections.

• ABYC A-28.6 STATUS MONITORING: “The galvanic isolator shall be equipped with an integral or

external status monitor that provides an audible or visible indication (short or open of any diodes,
open of the shore ground conductor.)”