ProMariner Battery Isolator User Manual

For proper installation

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Owners Manual & Installation Guide for ProMariner Battery Isolators

Please read this manual for proper installation and operation of this device.

For all product, installation or service questions please call ProMariner direct at:

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ProMariner Marine Battery Isolators are rated for use with negative ground alternators that range from 10
amps to 130 amps output, and will operate on 6, 12, 24, 32, 36 volt negative ground systems. They are
solid-state devices which allow electrical current to flow in one direction only. This allows one or two
alternators to be connected to multiple battery banks without fear of fully charged batteries discharging
into undercharged batteries.


ProMariner Battery Isolators are not recommended for use with any self energizing
style alternator. ProMariner isolators are to only be used with negative ground systems.

For Proper Installation:


Mount the unit in a well ventilated location as near to the alternator a possible. Do not mount the unit on an
engine or in proximity to an exhaust manifold.


The battery cable should be sized in accordance with the engine manufactures recommendations. Ring
terminal connectors sized in accordance with wire size (see table for wire sizes). 5/16” rings are
recommended. Fuses must be used 7” from the alternator and 7” from the batteries on all leads coming
from the battery isolator. See chart below for fuse sizes. Refer to the American Boat and Yacht Council’s
recommendations for additional information on the installation of battery isolators.

Wire Size Table

Alternator Output Amps



40 #8 awg

#6 awg

50 #6 awg

#4 awg

70 #6 awg

#2 awg

100 #4 awg

#2 awg

Fuse Size Table

Batt. Isolator Amps

Fuse (

please see below diagram for placement


70 100amp
100 160amp