Ultravation UME Remote Lamp - DC-OH-0232 User Manual

Homeowner / user guide, Professional indoor air quality product, Package contents

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Homeowner / User Guide

Thank you for purchasing an Ultravation


Professional Indoor Air Quality Product

• UMX/UME Electrical Housing

• Ten 3/4 inch 5/16 self-tapping


• UVC warning label

• Warranty card

• Remote mount Viewport label

• Remote mount Viewport

• Two wire nuts (for 24V systems)

• Light Shield (24V systems,

one for each lamp)

• Four T3 lamp mounting screws

(remote lamp models)

UMX/UME- 1224T, 1200T, 1000T3

• One 12" T3 UVC lamp

• One T3 lamp mounting gasket

UMX/UME- 12242T, 1202T, 2000T3

• Two 12" T3 UVC lamps

• Two T3 lamp mounting gaskets

UMX/UME- 1924T, 1900T, 1036T3

• One 17" T3 UVC lamp

• One T3 lamp mounting gasket

UMX/UME- 19242T, 1902T, 2036T3

• Two 17" T3 UVC lamps

• Two T3 lamp mounting gaskets

Package Contents:

Refresh™ PCO (Photocatalytic Oxidation)
• Whole house odor reduction module


• Four 3/4 inch 5/16 self-tapping sheet

metal screws

ILS (Internal Light Shield) – 1 Per Lamp
• One lamp clip
• One heavy duty mounting magnet
• Associated hardware

Ultravation manufactures several configurations of ultraviolet (UV) disinfection products
to meet any installation criteria. UltraMAX™ two-lamp UV systems are designed to treat
up to a 5 ton HVAC system or cover 3,500 sq ft.

Ultravation® UltraMAX™ products have been designed for peak performance in the cool
temperatures of the supply plenum of an HVAC system.

We suggest mounting the UV lamps and optional Re-Fresh™ Odor reduction module on
the exit or supply side of the HVAC system and before the ductwork branches off.
Installing UV equipment in the HVAC system return may degrade the media filter and/or
collect dirt particles on the UV lamp glass gradually decreasing performance. If there is
obvious microbial growth in the return duct, then installing the UV system (or a second
system) in the return can be the best solution.

However, caution must be taken to ensure that no light from the UV lamp(s)
can come in contact with any installed media filters or can be seen from
outside the HVAC system when it is running. Remember: DO NOT look at UV
light without proper eye protection.

Ultravation’s exclusive Re-Fresh™ Odor Reduction Module (optional) performs
continuous photocatalytic air processing, constantly reducing or eliminating hundreds of
common VOC odors while enhancing the germicidal effect of the system resulting in
clean, fresh, breathable air.

UltraMAX UV systems produce no ozone. No harmful by-products or off-gassing takes
place in the sterilization process or the photocatalytic process.

If you need help or have questions call our toll free help line:
1-866-GO-UV-AIR (468-8247) • 9:00 AM – 5:00 PM EST

Remote UV lamp model shown here,
including Internal Bracket / Light Shield Kit

1-866-GO-UV-AIR (468-8247)


Ultravation warrants this product against any defects in material or workmanship
for a period of ten years after date of consumer purchase, with the exception of the
ultraviolet lamp(s), which are warranted for a period of one year after date of consumer

This warranty does not include damage to the unit from accident, misuse or improper

If this product should become defective during the warranty period, Ultravation will
elect to repair or replace the product free of charge. Ultravation will return repaired or
replaced warranted products pre-paid to the customer, provided that the product was
delivered pre-paid.

Ultravation shall have no responsibilities for charges incurred by the customer for
installation or removal of warranted items. Liability is limited only to the replacement or
repair of this product.

This warranty gives you specific legal rights, and you may also have other rights,
which vary from state to state. All returns must be accompanied by a return authoriza-
tion number, which may be obtained by contacting Ultravation, Inc.

Ultravation, Inc.

P.O. Box 165, 212 Ideal Way, Poultney, Vermont 05764
Phone: 1-866-GO-UV-AIR (468-8247) • Fax: 802-287-9203
www.ultravation.com • [email protected]

Copyright © 2008-2012 Ultravation Inc.




Important information about UV lamp replacements:

Replace UV lamps each year in order to maintain optimum effectiveness in the reduc-
tion of pathogens such as bacteria, viruses and microscopic mold. Lamps operating
after a period of two years do not provide adequate reduction of pathogens and
must be replaced. Lamps operating beyond 18,000 hours (two years) draw excessive
electrical current which may result in damage to the UV system. If UV lamp(s) have
been operating for more than two years, the system must be turned off until replace-
ment lamp(s) are installed. Failure to do so may void the warranty.

UL Listed. The health aspects associated with the use of this
product and its ability to aid in disinfection of environmental
air have not been investigated by UL.


Ultravation’s T3™ system is protected by US patents 6,809,326B2 and 6,838,057B2 • Copyright © Ultravation, Inc. All rights reserved.


It is recommended that this unit be installed and maintained by a trained technician:

WARNING: UV Hazard. Always protect eyes from ultraviolet light. NEVER
look at UV lamps in operation. Unplug or disconnect power before
replacing lamps or servicing.

WARNING: Severe eye damage or temporary blinding may occur.

WARNING: DO NOT operate outside of air handler. Mount lamp base
to duct first.

WARNING: No openings in HVAC system are allowed which would give
direct line-of-sight to the UV light.

In the event of accidental breakage or replacement of the ultraviolet lamp, please
ensure that the lamp is disposed of in accordance with local and state environmen-
tal laws regarding fluorescent lamps containing mercury.

Notice: All wiring inside air handling system in direct line of site of the UV lamp must
be shielded with aluminum foil tape or equivalent non-combustible material. When
installing this unit, select a mounting location that prevents ultraviolet light exposure
to plastic non UV-rated flexible duct liner or other plastic components with unknown
resistance to ultraviolet light. Ultraviolet light may cause color shift or structural
degradation of plastic HVAC components. If installing where UV light can directly
contact fiberglass duct board, contact manufacturer of fiberglass product for advice
on UV rating. If unknown, install metal sheathing or foil tape to completely protect
fiberglass duct board from UV light exposure.

System Model


Replacement Part Number

UME/UMX 1224T, 12424T,

1200T, 1202T, 1000T3, 2000T3

12" T3 UV Lamp


UME/UMX 1924T,19424T,1900T,

1902T, 1036T3, 2036T3

17" T3 UV Lamp


Refresh™ PCO Option Module

Odor Reduction, Universal Fit


Lamp Replacement Chart

Use this chart to determine lamp replacement number

Please contact your local dealer or HVAC contractor for replacement lamps.

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