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Installation steps for remote lamp mounting, remote lamp replacement, and
external mounting of power supply:

1. Remove the cover from the electronic housing.

2. Determine a suitable location to install unit housing. Mounting location should be of

sufficient strength as to support the unit, otherwise reinforcement of the ductwork

may be necessary. Fasten unit in place with two self-tapping screws (supplied).

3. Re-fasten housing cover to the power supply.

UV Lamp Installation:

1. Select location for UV lamp module, drill a 1" hole for each lamp. Fasten mounting

plate over drilled hole with screws provided.

2. Insert UV lamp module into 1" opening. Attach to mounting plate with the two

provided self-tapping screws.

3. Plug the lamp connector onto the installed UV lamp assembly. Be sure the four pin-

holes are orientated properly to the four mating pins of the lamp (see

diagram, below).

4. Connect full time power to unit. (The UV system should be powered constantly, not

cycled with HVAC system power).

IMPORTANT: T3 Lamp Connection
Lamp pins are in a rectangular pattern (NOT
square). The plug can be connected to the
lamp in either of the two ways that match
the pin pattern. The T3 UV lamp assembly
can be removed independently, simply by
removing the two screws in the lamp base.

Installation options for Internal Bracket/Light Shield (ILS)
The Internal Bracket/Light Shield (optional some models) is a versatile kit that can be
used for mounting the UVC lamp(s) completely inside the HVAC system via a screw
mount or using the heavy duty magnet for even easier mounting. It can also serve as a
light shield to block the intense UVC energy from breaking down non metallic
materials such as filters, or to prevent UVC energy from escaping through air return
grills. For the full range of configurations see accompanying installation option sheet

Installation steps for optional exclusive Refresh™ PCO Odor Reduction Module:

1. Find a location adjacent to the UV lamps to mount the PCO module. Activation of

the PCO module requires UV light shining on its surface. It can be mounted within

inches of the UV lamp or if necessary it can be within 2 ft. of direct UV light source

and still function.

2. Drill one 2 1/2" diameter hole at the desired location. Fasten the base plate of the

module to the duct or air handler with the four supplied screws.

3. The PCO module measures 14 3/4" inches long by 2 1/2" diameter. The surface

area of the module relates directly to the amount of VOCs it can break down. If

necessary the module can be trimmed to a shorter length to accommodate installa-

tion. For additional effectiveness, install additional PCO modules in the area of the

UV lights, thereby increasing the airborne bacteria disinfection rate and the removal

of VOC odors. PCO modules may be installed completely inside the HVAC system.

Installation steps for UV Viewport

1. Find a location on the air handler or ductwork that will be in direct line of sight to

the UV lamps where a 3/8" inch hole can be safely drilled.

2. Affix the UV Viewport label to air handler or ductwork.

3. Drill the hole through air handler or ductwork using the label as a template.

4. Insert and press in the UV Viewport until it snaps into place.

5. The Viewport glows blue when the lamp(s) are operational (but does not allow actual

UVC light to pass through it).

Never perform maintenance on the UV unit without disconnecting power.

Typical maintenance consists of replacement of the ultraviolet (UV) lamps. UV lamps
undergo a photochemical process during operation. This slowly reduces the amount
of UV light generated to disinfect the air and surfaces. For optimum air stream disin-
fection UV lamps should be replaced on an annual basis. For surface disinfection,
lamp replacement should be performed no later than every two years.

When installing new lamps, ensure that the lamp glass is free from any fingerprints or
debris, as this may alter the path of the UV energy. Use rubbing alcohol and a dry
cloth to remove any surface contamination.

Ultravation® air disinfection equipment is designed to provide many years of trouble
free operation. In the unlikely event of a problem, please contact your local HVAC
professional or Ultravation directly. Before calling for service, you should have the
model number, serial number, and purchase date
. The model and serial number are
located on an end panel of the base unit.

Please note: It is a normal characteristic of all UV lamps to blacken around the
filaments of the lamp. This does not signify the lamp is defective or not emitting
ultraviolet light. A UV lamp is defective only if it will not light. UV lamps that operate
do not qualify for warranty coverage

If you are troubleshooting the unit, please check the following:

• The electronic circuit of a 2-lamp system only operates when both lamps are on.

• Verify the unit has power (24VAC or 120V - 240V depending on installation).

• Be sure the power switch is in the ON position.

• Verify if in fact the UV lamps are ON or OFF.

• Check that lamps are securely plugged into their sockets.

• Press the unit reset. If the unit and the unit does not reset, wait 5 minutes before

trying again.

• Verify that the in-line surge protection fuse is still functional. If needed, replace only

with an AGC 1.75 AMP (2 AMP max) fuse.

• Determine what signal, if any, the UV Lamp Monitor LED is emitting. (See the

UVLampMonitor chart below.)

Remember: DO NOT look at UV light without proper eye protection.

Note: If just one UVC lamp of a 2-lamp system operates, make sure the lamp

connection is correct (see T3 connection illustration at left).

Note: A flashing red every 1 second and a beep every 1 second does not necessarily

mean the lamps are defective or no longer emitting UV, it is sensing that the lamp or

lamps in the unit are not on. This could be caused by other factors. In this case, a

service technician should be contacted.

Lamp Replacement and Reset Procedure
See “UV Lamp Installation” for replacement procedure.

Note: When replacing lamps disconnect power to the unit first.

After the lamps are in place, complete steps 1-4 below to reset the service indicator
light to 0. For optimum air stream disinfection it is recommended that the UV-C
lamp(s) be replaced on an annual basis.

Setting the Service Indicator Light (FOR UMX SERIES ONLY):

We recommend that a certified technician perform this operation. (For integrated lamp
UMX models the cover must be removed and power left on – the reset switch is inside
the unit.)

1. To set or reset the annual service indicator the unit must have power connected.

2. Press down and hold the square yellow RESET button (hold down for 10 sec.). It is

located below LED Viewport on the end of the electrical housing. The LED turns

GREEN while the button is depressed.

3. Release the square yellow RESET button. The LED will now glow green

continuously indicating the reset procedure was successful.

There are NO user serviceable parts inside. Refer servicing to qualified service personnel.


Lamp assembly

For installation of integrated

lamp models follow

illustration on supplied template


LED Color

Audible Alarm

Unit Status


No sound


Solid Red

No Sound

Replace lamp within 30 days

Reset lamp service indicator

Occurs after approximately

11 months of service

Flashing Red

3 min

Lamp(s) has exceeded 1 year of operation

(5 secs)

beep interval

Replace lamp(s) and reset alarm

Pulsing Red (1 sec)

1 sec beep interval

Lamp(s) are not operating (verify if possible)

UVLampMonitor (UMX Models Only)

The below chart indicates how to interpret UVLampMonitor status


continued …

Troubleshooting, continued


All 24 volt UV equipment for HVAC systems (regardless of manufacturer) must be
installed using a separate, dedicated minimum 40VA transformer to avoid the possibilty
of voiding UL certification of the HVAC system.

This product is equipped with a 1.75 amp in-line fuse for both surge and electrical arc
protection. Replace only with AGC 1.75 AMP (2 AMP max) fuse (available from
Ultravation or authorized distributor, part number EL-PP-0001). Failure to do so will
defeat the design and void the warranty.

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